Equine AI

Artificial Insemination Fixed Priced Plan

Our AI Fixed Priced Plans at Barrettstown Equine Clinic.

beva-mainOur experienced AI and stud work Vets provide veterinary services to some of the top studs in the country.

Peter Fennelly, Tim Brown, Ed Brett and Katie Robinson are our primary AI vets and are accredited by the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) to provide AI veterinary services.


What’s Included

Our AI Fixed Priced Plan includes fees for routine AI veterinary work and drugs per insemination:

The Plan includes:

Drugs to induce oestrus and ovulation, insemination and evaluation of semen, Pre-breeding check (Endometrial swab, smear and lab fees), Ultrasound scan examinations, including 2 pregnancy examinations (at approx16 and 30 days).

Please note  - where treatments occur away from Barrettstown Equine Clinic an additional visit fee is charged.

Semen ordering, import & delivery  is arranged by the client. Additional treatments may be required in the course of the AI, which would attract additional cost.

If the mare does not conceive to the first insemination, it is normal to try up to 2 further inseminations (at reduced rates)

Chilled Semen  £582.44 incl vat  Frozen Semen  £656.40 incl vat

  • Mares are inseminated with chilled or frozen semen.
  • Stallion owners will advertise what is available from their stallion.
  • Highest fertility rates are achieved with younger mares (less than 12 years), or mares less than 16 years that have had a foal.

Semen quality does vary. We expect fertility rates of over 80% with chilled semen and approximately 70% with frozen. (expected rates, but cannot be guaranteed)

Artificial Insemination with Frozen Semen at Barrettstown Clinic

If you are considering the use of Artificial Insemination we advise you to firstly discuss the mare and your requirements with one of our AI specialist vets, if you call our equine office we will make you an appointment.  This is the opportunity to ask questions and test your expectations.

If AI by frozen semen is chosen, you will then choose the stallion and arrange for the frozen semen to be sent to Barrettstown Equine Clinic in advance of the procedure with the mare. Do not wait until the mare is ready for insemination.

We are NOT a licensed importer, so please do not get semen sent directly to us from outside the UK. If the semen is to be imported from outside the UK it has to be sent to a licensed importer first, who will then send the semen on to us when it has been processed. One of the importers that we use is Stallion AI services Ltd, www.stallionai.com
01948 666295.

Frozen semen is stored in liquid nitrogen and is transported in a special container. We transfer it into our liquid nitrogen tank, awaiting insemination of the mare. So the container must arrive at the clinic in working hours. We store the semen at the client’s own risk and we do not offer insurance. 

After the procedure with the mare, if there are some straws of frozen semen remaining in our tank, a decision need to be made. You can give us permission to destroy it or can arrange to have it sent to a storage facility like Stallion AI Services. Long term storage with us is not an option so we empty and close down our tank over the winter period.

For further information please call our equine office to make an appointment to discuss your options further.

Other Locations

AI can also be arranged at other facilities by separate arrangement, but will not benefit from the discounted price of the AI Fixed Priced Plans.