Referral Instructions & Directions

Although we provide the majority of surgical treatments, sometimes cases need to be referred to a specialist to either be investigated or treated.  We work closely with several dedicated specialist referral units which ensures your pet or horse continues to receive the best treatment possible.

Why do we need to refer?

Like human medicine, some areas of veterinary medicine have become very specialised in terms of both the vet specialists and also the equipment required (e.g. MRI). Such specialist vets and equipment are today located at specialist referral units.

How is my pet or horse referred?

Although you can self-refer, the normal procedure is for your vet to discuss the various options available to you, and if your decide that your want to refer your pet/horse then your vet will discuss the case with the relevant specialist and an appointment will be arranged - this ensures continuity of care. We forward any clinical history, lab test results,  x-rays etc we have that they need to help with their diagnosis or treatment.

You will need to take your pet/horse to the referral unit, and from this point your pet/horse is under their care.  They will discuss and agree the treatment treatment options with you.

The specialist will also provide us with the details of their examination and treatment, and will discuss these with your vet, and provide any follow-up action they need us to undertake once you pet/horse is discharged from them, again to ensure continuity of care.


Payment is made directly to the referral unit in full at the time, even if insured, so you will need to have access to at least temporary funds (e.g. credit card or savings) until any insurance claim is subsequently paid to you.

Insurance. Although most Insurance Companies do not require pre-authorisation of veterinary treatment, due to the costs involved with a referral to a specialist, we would recommend that if you are in any doubt to contact your Insurance Company and confirm that cover is provided.

Who do we refer to?

Below is a list of the referral units we normally use, together with links to their website and map directions. 

Small Animal

Davies Veterinary Specialists
Higham Gobion, SG5 3HR


Willows Referral Services
Solihull, B90 4NH


Royal Veterinary College (Queen Mother Hospital for Animals)
North Mymms, AL9 7TA



Donnington Grove
Newbury, RG14 2JB


Newmarket, CB8 7NN