Equine – Book a Consultation

Book a Consultation

To book a consultation visit with us, please contact our Equine Office:

Tel: 01296 745374

email: equine@hampdenvets.co.uk

Visit Times

An approximate time will be arranged for your visit rather than just giving an "am" or "pm" slot, and your vet will aim to arrive within +/- 30 mins of that time.  But as you will appreciate treating horses and sudden emergencies can mean that your vet can on occasion be delayed.  We will aim to keep you advised of any delays and  give you an updated ETA.

Please note for "Free Visit" days, we will give you the estimated time of your vets visit the day prior.  These visit times are determined by the most efficient route for the vet.

Reduce Your Visit Fee Costs

Before booking your visit, it is worth considering if any other of your or a neighbour's horses need treatment or vaccinations that can be looked at during the vet’s visit. This way we can share the visit costs between you.

Remember that if we see 4 or more horses then a visit fee is not charged (see our Offers & Discounts T&Cs apply).


It is important to have the horse’s passport available for the vet when they visit.

Equine Clinic Appointments

If you have arranged a consultation at our Barrettstown Clinic, then please present the passport BEFORE unloading your horse or pony.  Please see our Equine Clinic page.

(Remember it is a legal requirement to have the passport with your horse when it is being transported)

Visit Zones

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The area we cover is divided into zones, which determines the visit fee charged.