Diagnostics and post-mortem examinations

Our vet techs can carry out faecal worm egg counts (FWECs), which may provide a diagnostic answer for a sick animal or aid in health planning for your stock. 

Regular FWECs create a picture of the parasite risk on your farm, and can help you to choose the type and timing of a wormer and monitor for resistance. 

We also provide in-house total protein testing, which is used for colostrum absorption monitoring, and can allow management changes where needed. 

We also offer on-farm post-mortems and statutory surveillance services for unexplained or sudden deaths, which allow us to rule out Anthrax and provide preventative measures for the remaining stock using our findings, or to give a complete answer to a complex, ongoing case. 

During the post-mortem, appearance will tell us a lot about disease progression, and we may supplement this by taking samples and sending them to an external lab.

Where we believe the findings will be complex, we may refer the entire post-mortem to an Animal and Plant Health Agency centre to be carried out by their pathology experts.