Reproductive Services

Our full beef reproduction service includes everything from genetics to calvings. We are also able to perform caesareans if necessary and required.

Genetic assessment – looking at the estimated breeding values or genomic reports of your stock to aid the planning of the genetic advancement of your herd.

Heifer reproductive tract scoring and pelvimetry – predicting the ability of your heifers to conceive and subsequently calve naturally, with less intervention. 

Oestrus synchronisation and artificial insemination (AI) – we work closely with our dairy and beef clients to work out a synchronisation protocol that fits in with their requirements, and can store semen and serve to a natural heat or a synchronised uterus.

Embryo Implantation – we can implant frozen embryos into donor cows and heifers to maximise genetic enhancement.

Pregnancy diagnosis – we can diagnose pregnancy in your cows from 28 days after conception, allowing rapid action if the cows have not held in calf. 

Bull soundness testing and semen collection – using the latest mobile computerised semen analysis, we are able to analyse bull semen on your farm to assess fertility. We also are able to take semen for freezing into straws for artificial insemination.