VetTech Services

Our VetTechs work alongside you and our farm vets in a team approach to improve farm health. We are aware that you are getting busier, with less time to plan, organise and implement effective health care strategies, and this is why we have introduced the VetTech service. The team can carry out the small things that take time or simply require an extra set of hands once or twice a month.

The main benefits farmers have seen from using our VetTech service include:

  • Healthier calves from stress free vaccinations and protocols
  • Effective and efficient youngstock management
  • An extra set of hands which simply help get the job done

Want to try the service out?

For farms that want to ‘give it a go’, we offer the first ‘taste’ of the VetTech service completely free of charge. We understand that you need full confidence in the staff we employ to help you. So if you want to try it out then it’s only fair that you should do so with no extra cost on top of the price of
any product.

To find out more about the service or to suggest other ways in which we might help, then please give us a call.